Which kalimba for composing ad music? ­čĄö

kalimba for composing pub music

If you're looking for an instrument capable of delivering smooth, deep tunes to complement an audio-visual commercial, then the kalimba may be the right option for you.

What is a kalimba?

The kalimba is a 15-note stringless instrument consisting of a frame pierced with circular holes called "blades". The blades vibrate when a specific part is held and kneaded with the hands. The kalimba's distinctive sound is the result of the blending of sounds produced by the two lowest blades.

Advantages of choosing a kalimba for pub music

  • The price of kalimbas is affordable, making it suitable for advertisers' budgets.
  • The kalimba is easy to play and learn, so you can invest little time and money in producing unique tunes.
  • The kalimba produces a unique, labelable sound, making it a perfect addition to pub tunes.
  • Because it's compact and portable, the kalimba is easy to transport and set up anywhere during shoots.

Although there are many different types of kalimbas, at TheKalimba.comWe recommend kalimbas with 15 notes for pub scenes. The range LM Kalimba skilfully combines the best aspects of 17-note and 17-key kalimbas in a single product. In addition to its unique design and ergonomic shape, it comes with a wooden stand and hand elastic, making it the ideal instrument for pub scenes.

The kalimba is the ideal instrument for commercials; with its ease of play, unique sounds and affordable prices, it's the best option for making a memorable commercial. If you're interested in creating your own music for commercials, you'll find everything you need to get started at TheKalimba.com. ­čśü