Which kalimba for jazz and improvisation?

Since its birth in Africa centuries ago, the kalimba has spread around the world, inspiring composers and musicians of all kinds. Used in many musical genres from folk and minimalist music to blues, folk, jazz and more, the possibilities are almost endless! So, which kalimba is best suited for jazz and improvisation?

The basics of kalimba 🤔

The kalimba is a finger-activated musical instrument with metal keys. It is played by sliding the finger across the keys, producing distinct, melodious sounds. Although there is a wide range of different varieties, the most popular model is generally a wooden box with two rows of 8 to 17 welded metal keys.

Which kalimba for jazz and improvisation?

The best kalimba for jazz and improvisation is the one that will give you the playing options you're looking for. Most kalimbas have a relatively soft, melodic tone that doesn't lend itself well to high-energy improvisation, so it's important to find a kalimba that's loud enough to capture your energy. Particularly suitable models include the Louis Mingus 17 Touch Kalimbathe Elephant Kalimba 16 Keys and the Low G Bass Kalimba 20 Keys.

Be prepared ⚙️

Once you've found the right kalimba for you, you'll be ready to experiment and learn new playing techniques. But as you begin to explore the world of improvisation, the main general tips to consider are to practice as much as you can, listen to yourself and don't be afraid to think outside the box to find your own sound. Once you've found your style, you'll have no problem making the most of the kalimba and creating solo interventions worthy of Miles Davis! 😎

Your kalimba ❤️

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