Which kalimba for meditation­čśë­čÖů?

Are you looking for a musical instrument to accompany your moments of meditation? Perhaps you've already heard of a mysterious object known as a "kalimba"? The following is a practical guide designed to explain what a kalimba is, and to help you find the right model for your meditation sessions!

What is a kalimba? This is a variety of wind instrument from Africa. Also known as mbira, sanza or karimba. Most kalimbas feature metal slats attached to a resonance box, creating a unique range of sounds.

With the kalimba, you don't play a whole piece at a time, you can produce melodies using only the metal strips. Playing the kalimba can be an excellent way to relax and take part in meditation.

How to choose the right kalimba? First of all, you'll need to choose between a 7-, 8- or 17-strip kalimba. The 7- and 8-strip kalimbas are the easiest to play, while the 17-strip kalimbas offer more versatility and possibilities. You'll also need to consider the materials that make up your kalimba, as well as its price.

Choosing a kalimba at Kalimba.com

In our catalog, you'll find kalimbas ranging from 20 cm to 30 cm. We offer wooden instruments, such as the sapele kalimba or the teak kalimba. It's also possible to find kalimbas with stainless steel slats, fine and versatile for meditation. Don't forget that we also offer kalimbas combining wood and steel.

There's no need to rush when choosing your kalimba. Take the time to consult the user guide that accompanies each instrument before ordering. It's also important to check the description of each model to see if it's suitable for your meditation activities. In our store, you'll also find tools specially designed to accommodate different hand sizes. Finally, you'll need to familiarize yourself with the instrument.

It's important to note that each kalimba comes pre-tuned and ready to play. So you can start playing right away, and maybe even the instant you receive it and start unpacking it. Finally, Kalimba.com offers warranties and after-sales service to help you get the most out of your instruments.

Meditation with the kalimba

Now that you've chosen your kalimba, you can start using it for your meditation. The kalimba is very easy to play and its softened melodies allow a natural adjustment to your heart. With the kalimba, you'll quickly build up melodies that fit your mood exactly and perfectly with your meditation. It's also much more viable and versatile than most instruments.

You can also take advantage of what the kalimba has to offer for meditation and relaxation. You can play relaxing melodies for a long time, effortlessly. You can also play guided and sung meditations, which can help you relax. You'll be amazed at the new experiences you'll discover with this wonderful instrument!


The kalimba is a highly versatile instrument, providing soft, relaxing melodies for your meditation sessions. At Kalimba.com, you'll find the best choice of kalimbas to suit your needs and budget. With the kalimba, you'll be sure to find the calm and relaxation you're looking for­čĹő­čÖĆ.