Which kalimba for musical composition?

The kalimba, also known as the mbira, is a type of African percussion instrument. The kalimba is also an excellent tool for musical composition. The kalimba's rich, complex sounds can add an extra dimension to your music. The kalimba's sensitive keys are very easy to play and create sounds that work well with many styles of music.

If you're interested in using the kalimba for musical composition, you'll be pleased to know that you have several options. Find out which kalimba is ideal for your musical projects.

Standard Kalimbas

Standard kalimbas are the most popular for use in musical composition. They come in many sizes and can be found in many instrument stores. As well as being easy to use, they are very affordable. Standard kalimbas have between 8 and 17 keys on which chords can be played. However, they don't offer as much versatility as some of the other types of kalimbas.

Kalimbas with a light touch

Visit light-touch kalimbas are built with softer controls than standard kalimbas, giving them improved sensitivity and deeper tones. Light-touch kalimbas can also be easier to play. However, they are more expensive than standard kalimbas. Most light-touch kalimbas are between 8 and 17 keys long.

Large-touch Kalimbas

These kalimbas are built with a firmer, more responsive feel than other types of kalimbas. They are ideal for musicians who like to play longer notes and a wider variety of sounds. Some big-touch kalimbas can have up to 20 keys, making them an excellent tool for musical composition. These kalimbas are more expensive than others, but their sound quality is excellent.

Hybrid kalimbas

Visit hybrid kalimbas are a blend of two other types of kalimbas: light-touch kalimbas and heavy-touch kalimbas. The keys are more sensitive than standard kalimbas and more resistant than light-touch kalimbas. These kalimbas offer the best of both worlds for musicians seeking the characteristics of both types of kalimbas. Although very expensive, hybrid kalimbas are an excellent option for songwriting.


Kalimbas are highly versatile instruments, with something to suit every style. Whatever your budget or style, you're sure to find a kalimba to suit you. If you're looking for a kalimba that's perfect for musical composition, take a look at the following products The Kalimba. You'll find a wide selection of kalimbas to suit every style and budget. Enjoy! 🎶