Which Kalimba for Playing Relaxing Music? ­čśŐ

Want to play relaxing, meditative music? Are you looking for the ideal kalimba to achieve this? We'll guide you to the perfect kalimba for your situation!

What is a Kalimba?

The kalimba is a type of African keyboard handed down over the centuries by tribes and communities. It consists of a wooden apron on which metal or wooden tongues are placed. When pinched or struck, the tongues emit a unique sound that varies according to size and material.

Which Kalimba for Relaxing Music?

The kalimba is perfect for ports of relaxing, meditative and haunting music. To play it successfully, we advise you to choose a medium-sized kalimba (for example, the 17-plate kalimba), as this makes it easier to play and handle. We also recommend wooden kalimbas for playing relaxing music, as they offer the following features:

  • Warm, low bass
  • Soft, matt and deep poles
  • Darker sounds with a strong contrast between soft and heady tones

We recommend the following models Takata 17 Notes kalimbaIt's made from African mahogany, which provides a rich, clear sound. What's more, it comes with numbered stickers for easy identification and learning.

Tips for playing it

  • Be sure to choose a kalimba that matches your musical abilities.
  • Work on your finger placement and get involved, because practice makes perfect.
  • Always keep the kalimba tuned and in good condition.
  • Listen to informed and inspiring music.
  • Have fun and sometimes record your beginnings to find your level the next day.


The Kalimba is the ideal instrument to embody relaxing music, and there are a multitude of models to suit your needs. You can find your perfect Kalimba at The Kalimba Store which offers quality kalimbas at an affordable price. Feel free to visit the platform and share your experience of the instrument with the community! ­čśŐ