Which kalimba for YouTube and streaming?

A kalimba is a keyboard instrument that produces surprisingly pleasant sounds. Called "mbiras" in some African cultures, these unique instruments are usually made of wood and produce a range of complex and beautiful melodies. But that brings us to the question: which kalimba should we choose for YouTube and streaming?

The answer to this question may come down to what you want to achieve as a musician. If you want to play for people on the Internet and get a good sound, a larger kalimba is the best option. But if you're in a hurry, or still want a great sound without putting in too much effort, then a smaller model might be right for you.

The advantages of a large kalimba

Larger kalimbas offer more notes than a smaller kalimba. They also offer a host of other advantages:

  • More notes for greater variety and range.
  • Richer, deeper sounds and greater perspective at higher volumes.
  • The ability to play more complex harmonies.

A large kalimba is perfect for classical music and live streaming, but can be a little cumbersome for YouTube. It also offers a variety of special sounds that can be difficult to produce with a smaller kalimba.

The advantages of a small kalimba

If you only have the option of playing for YouTube or streaming, a smaller kalimba may be the answer. These instruments are better suited to digital recording, as they produce less noise and offer more flexibility:

  • The sounds are simpler and shorter, making it the perfect instrument for a video clip.
  • The smaller kalimba handle offers greater ease and comfort for small hands.
  • Easier to transport and store, they are ideal for musicians on the move.

Smaller kalimbas are designed to produce sounds more efficiently and are often offered at much more affordable prices. They can be purchased online via our website thekalimba.com.


Your choice of kalimba will depend on what you're looking for in terms of sound, budget and flexibility. Larger kalimbas are best for complex videos and live performances, but a smaller model may be perfect for video on a budget. Either way, we've got plenty of kalimbas to choose from at thekalimba.com to meet your needs. 🎶