How to play the kalimba using guitar techniques

Do you remember the musical games you called Kalimba as a child? You may have wondered whether it was possible to play with this little musical icon. Well, yes, it is possible to play the kalimba using guitar techniques.

The Kalimba is a bowed musical instrument that's fun and easy to learn. Unlike the guitar, the kalimba takes up very little space and produces melodious, relaxing sounds. Using guitar techniques to play the kalimba is much simpler than you might think.

1. Discover your instrument

Before you can play the kalimba using guitar techniques, you need to familiarize yourself with the instrument. The kalimba consists of a U-shaped frame on which is placed a series of metal rods. These rods are called keys and are assigned to different musical notes. A pedal is located at the base of the instrument to produce additional sound effects.

2. Start playing

Once you know more about your kalimba, you can start playing! You can use your guitar skills to play kalimba-style guitar tunes. If you're comfortable with your instrument, you can also play original melodies simply by vibrating the metal rods with your fingers.

3. Use accessories

You can improve your game by using accessories. For example, you can attach plastic bottle lids to the metal rods. Bottle lids add more vibration and change the sound, making it richer. You can also get a plectrum and play your kalimba in shirt or classical style.

4. Find sheet music

It can be difficult to find sheet music specific to a kalimba, but fortunately there are many websites that offer sheet music and tutorials to help you join guitar tunes on your kalimba. These tutorials can help you learn techniques and learn melodies at a faster pace.

5. Share your music

Once you know the basic kalimba techniques, you can start sharing your music with the world. Social networks can be a great way to show your music to new people. You might even find an audience interested in your music and share original, unique sounds.

How to play the kalimba using guitar techniques

Reading sheet music and tutorials can help beginners learn the basics and have fun playing the kalimba using guitar techniques. You'll find tunes to delight you, as well as new techniques to help you play the kalimba better. Then maybe you're ready to share your kalimba music with the world!