How to sample a kalimba on MPC? 🤔

If you're looking for a way to play music on an MPC, we strongly recommend you consider the kalimba and sampler. The kalimba is a robust yet easy-to-play Malian wind instrument that you can easily sample. We'll tell you how.

Step 1: Find a good kalimba

First, you'll need to find a kalimba that's right for your music. Kalimbas come in a variety of styles and sizes, and you'll need to choose a model whose sounds suit you best. You don't need to invest in the most expensive: a cheap kalimba can work just fine.

Fortunately, to find a kalimba at a good price, you need look no further You'll find a variety of kalimbas at different prices and with different sounds. Experiment until you find the perfect sound for your type of music.

Step 2: Prepare the kalimba for sampling

Before you start sampling your kalimba, you need to prepare it. The first thing to do is adjust the tuning. Depending on model and brand, kalimbas can be tuned to different patterns. The kalimbas Loog for example, are tuned according to a pentatonic pattern, whereas the 21 Keys follows the tonal pattern.

Step 3: Register the kalimba

Now you're ready to record your kalimba. You'll need a microphone to do this. If you don't have one, you can always use your smartphone or tablet. Make sure the microphone is positioned so that the kalimba is clearly identifiable during playback. Also make sure that the microphone is calibrated so that it doesn't crackle or crackle when you play.

Step 4: Sampling the kalimba on your MPC

Once the kalimba has been recorded, you can load it onto your MPC. You can do this manually, or use recording and mixing software such as Logic Pro, Pro Tools or Ableton Live. Once your file is loaded, you're ready to start playing.

Step 5: Learn to play and listen

You'll now need to learn how to play your kalimba and become familiar with its timbre and sounds. You can do this by practicing and learning the main melodies of the different songs. Listen to the music you've created with the kalimba and your MPC and adapt it to your own style and taste. And that's it! 🎸

The kalimba is a versatile instrument that can easily be used with sampling chips to rework and amplify your musical skills. If you're interested in buying a kalimba, or would like to find out more about how to sample a kalimba on an MPC, please go to for detailed advice and information. đź‘Ś