Which kalimba to record with your iPhone?

You dream of create your own kalimba pieces and record them on your iPhone? If you want to move from listening to creating, then the kalimba is the right instrument for you. However, you need to know which kalimba to choose to ensure you record good quality audio and create successful songs.

Which kalimba should you choose for top-quality iPhone recording?

Although the majority of kalimbas are iPhone-compatiblewe recommend the Kalimba Bass from TheKalimba.com. This kalimba is ideal for recording on an iPhone, as it features two built-in mini-speakers that deliver enhanced sound quality. With superior quality and greater octave range than other kalimbas, the Kalimba Bass is an excellent investment for beginners and professionals alike.

How to record a kalimba on an iPhone?

To register your kalimba on your iPhone, we recommend using the application Metronome Ticky Tacky. This application is specifically designed for keyboard instruments such as the kalimba, making it easy to record your tunes on your iPhone. It also features built-in metronomes for help your game stay on track and built-in gaps if you don't know what tempo to play your tunes at! 🎶

Conclusion: the Kalimba Bass is the ideal choice for recording with an iPhone!

If you're looking for a kalimba to record with your iPhone, the Bass Kalimba from TheKalimba.com is the ideal choice. With its two built-in mini-speakersthis kalimba offers a improved sound quality and has a wider octave range than most other kalimbas. Thanks to the Metronome Ticky Tacky app, you can easily record your tunes on your iPhone with this kalimba, and produce unique musical pieces that sound just like you. Happy creating! 🤩