Kalimbas: the ideal instrument for fans of alternative and experimental music

If you're looking for a unique and original musical instrument, the kalimba can be an excellent addition to your collection. Whether you're a fan of alternative and experimental music or simply curious about new sounds, the kalimba is easy to learn and will make a unique part of your sound infrastructure.

What is a kalimba?

The kalimba is a traditional African bossa nova musical instrument. It consists of a wooden plank attached to what appears to be a music box. It is very similar to another instrument called the mbiraBut it's lighter and has a more metallic sound. Each kalimba has its own sound characteristics, depending on the size and type of instrument you choose.

How does the kalimba differ from other instruments?

The kalimba is a versatile instrument with unique characteristics. In addition to its solid, metallic notes, the kalimba has the particularity of producing very melodious, pure sounds. This means it's perfect for fans of alternative and experimental music, who want to incorporate new and different sounds into their music.

What kind of music can be played on a kalimba?

The kalimba is the ideal instrument for fans of alternative and experimental music. It can produce a variety of tones, from calm and melancholy to intense and vibrant. The kalimba's gentle, relaxing sounds come from its metallic notes, which can give your music an interesting and different texture. What's more, kalimbas are excellent accompaniments for all related musical instruments, including guitars, banjos and drums.

So how do you get started with a kalimba?

The kalimba is an easy instrument to learn. There are online tutorials or lessons offered by The Kalimba that can help you learn to play easily. Once you've "plugged in" the kalimba, you can explore your own sounds or learn to play classical pieces. Plus, you can find recently released kalimba arrangements and melodies.... And why not create your own unique music! 🎵

Where can I find a kalimba?

You can easily find kalimbas online on sites such as The Kalimba. You can choose from a variety of sizes and styles to find the kalimba that best suits your musical style. You'll also find tutorials and additional resources to help you learn to play and master your instrument.


The kalimba is a fascinating instrument and can be very useful for fans of alternative and experimental music. It's easy to learn and offers a unique palette of sounds. You can find kalimbas online or easily accessible lessons to help you develop your musical talent. So don't wait any longer and invest in a kalimba today! 🤩