Wooden Kalimbas, a sweet-sounding music

The different types of wooden Kalimbas are extremely varied and have a distinctive sound. These wind instruments have a long history, dating back to musical notes played by African tribes thousands of years ago. Wooden Kalimbas can be found in a variety of materials, each offering its own unique sound. So let's see which woods are most often used to create the characteristic sound of wooden Kalimbas.


Mahogany wooden kalimbas are very popular. Their finish gives a deep, rich color and the sound is rich in degrees of nuance and subtlety. Mahogany instruments offer a certain warmth to the sound, as well as a reverence for ancestral musical traditions. Mahogany Kalimbas have a depth of sound that proves to be very pleasing.


Rosewood is another type of wood commonly used for wooden kalimbas. This very light wood produces a lighter color and a lighter sound. The sound components are soft and very melodious, and offer extra brilliance, making it an excellent complement to the more full-bodied sounds of other woods.


Padouk is a very dense wood that produces a lighter, brighter tone. This wood often offers an interesting combination of strength and subtlety. A unique feature of this wood is its constructional integrity. This means that the sound it produces is highly defined and has excellent projection.


Wenge is a very dense wood that produces a warm, deep tone. The variety of sounds it produces is quite remarkable. It has a slow, full-bodied response that can be soft and subtle or powerful and shrill. The sound it produces is suited to a variety of playing styles and is one of the most popular woods for wooden kalimbas.


Rosewood is a very soft, gentle wood that produces a very clear, luminous sound. Prized for its rich, warm tone, this type of wood is known for its integrity and clarity of timbre. It offers a full range of clear, sweet sounds that are excellent for melodies.


Each type of wood offers a distinct sound and appearance, and that's what makes wooden Kalimbas so interesting. Whether you choose mahogany or wenge, you'll find the instrument that best suits your needs and style. Wooden Kalimbas produce a deep, rich sound and are an excellent way to produce soft, melodic music.