Kalimbas in solfeggio: discover how to use solfeggio to play the kalimba

Visit kalimbaalso known as sanza, likembe, mbira, thumb piano or even marimbulais a wind instrument consisting of a wooden board into which metal or bamboo strips are inserted, the vibrators of which produce different sounds.

The kalimba has become popular thanks to pop music, which is influenced by genres such as jazz, psychedelic music, rock and so on. Artists using this instrument include the British psychedelic rock band "Pink Floyd" as well as other famous bands and artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Elvis Costello, The Eagles, The Killers and more.

Visit kalimbas offer musicians the opportunity to explore new sounds and compose original musical pieces. Musicians who love the kalimba can develop new techniques and styles of playing, apart from the ridiculous "do, re, mi". But how do you learn to play the kalimba? The answer is simple: music theory.

What is solfeggio?

Solfeggio is a form of musical writing and notation that was invented to transcribe a musical composition. Today, it is used to learn to read and play music.

Solfeggio can be learned by ear or accompanied by an instrument. Composers use solfeggio to familiarize themselves with different types of notes, such as intervals, chords and rhythms.

How do I learn to play the kalimba?

When it comes to learning to play the kalimba, solfeggio is an excellent resource for learning to read and play different tunes. Musicians can learn to read and play songs by using solfeggio to familiarize themselves with the instrument.

Solfeggio can also be used to learn to play rhythmically, and even to mix different techniques. It's important to remember that the rhythms of the pieces need to be practiced in order to memorize them and play them easily.

The practice

Once you're familiar with music theory, it's important to practice regularly and find pieces to play. Practice is essential to improve your playing and to become a more experienced kalimba instrumentalist.

You can search for scores and tunes online, or use a music theory book. It's also a good idea to play tunes that are at your own level. If these tunes are too difficult, it's important to take time to review the notes and chords.

In addition, you can listen to music that uses the kalimba to inspire you and find tunes to play. You can also find tutorials and playing aids on sites like The Kalimba to guide you through the tunes and work on your techniques.


Solfeggio is an essential part of learning to play the kalimba. It enables musicians to read and play new pieces.

Solfeggio helps you learn and memorize notes, chords, rhythms and much more. Regular practice and conscientiousness are essential to achieving a good playing level.

Feel free to explore the resources available for learning to play the kalimba with The Kalimba!