The best kalimba songs for beginners

If you're new to the world of kalimba and looking to get started with your playing, you're probably wondering what the best songs to start with are. Having a collection of songs you can learn can be very encouraging, as you develop your skills with each new tune you play.

Fortunately, the kalimba is a relatively simple instrument to learn, with a fairly wide sound range, offering its players an infinite variety of styles. From contemporary music to classical forms, there are many well-known hits that are perfect for beginners. Let's take a look at some of the best songs for beginners:

1. "Stand By Me

You may have seen the film of the same name and heard this slow, melodious version by Ben E. King. A very simple song to play, Stand By Me is an excellent starting point for familiarizing yourself with your instrument and developing some basic playing skills. You can start by learning basic keys and chords and develop some tremolos and other complexities once you feel comfortable.

2. "Moonlight Reflection

This classic song is perfect for all kalimba beginners. It's quite simple and features a motif that repeats throughout the piece. It's also ideal for working on your sense of rhythm and the adjustments between notes. Once you're more comfortable, you can even add a few subtle touches and effects for a richer sound.

3. "Anathema

A more complex and voluminous song, Anathema is a popular piece for beginners. Featuring a more varied sound range than many of the previous pieces, this song is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with the kalimba's possibilities for sound expression. Learning these notes and chords may take a little time, but the effort will certainly be worthwhile as you master it.

4. "Sweet Home Alabama"

Traditional folk music may seem a little intimidating to newcomers, but a classic rock tune can actually offer a gentler introduction to the world of the kalimba. Sweet Home Alabama, performed by Lynard Skynard, is one of the simpler pieces for beginners. It's intended to be fairly easy to learn, both in terms of structure and chords.

5. "Fearless"

A more complex song than the others, Fearless is a really different song and introduces both more varied rhythms and melodies. The use of low notes can also offer a whole new layer as well as additional sonic possibilities. The more comfortable you become with your kalimba, the more you'll be able to exploit them.

These are some of the best songs for kalimba beginners. Learning to play the instrument can be long and difficult, but it's a great mix of fun and challenge. Start with a few of the above songs and maybe, once you're comfortable, you'll be singing your own tunes in no time!