The best songs for learning scales on the kalimba

The kalimba is an old variety of African musical instrument used to play melodies and scales. Originating in Africa thousands of years ago, the kalimba is a very popular instrument today that can be used to learn scales and different styles of music. For beginners, learning to play scales on a kalimba can be intimidating. However, by taming a simple song and playing the melody, you can quickly master this musical style.

So here's a list of the best songs to play with the kalimba, and which are ideal for learning to master the scales:

Song 1: "Jamais Assez Loin" by Bruno Berthier

"Jamais Assez Loin" is a timeless acoustic tune composed by Bruno Berthier. The melody is fairly simple to play, but has many interesting varieties that will enhance your scale-playing skills on the kalimba. What's more, you can add lyrics to the melody to create a complete song.

Song 2: "Love My Life" by Robbie Williams

"Love My Life" is an upbeat love song written by the famous artist Robbie Williams. Although the song has a relatively fast and complicated tempo, it is possible to adapt the melody to a slower rhythm by modifying some of the chords. Once you've mastered the melody, it's very easy to play the scales on the song.

Song 3: "Before You Go" by Lewis Capaldi

"Before You Go" is a song with a very melancholy vocal style, written and performed by the famous artist Lewis Capaldi. The song is very easy to play on the kalimba. You can play scales on the song to add an extra layer of expressiveness.

Song 4: "One More Night" by Maroon 5

"One More Night" is a classic Maroon 5 tune with a melody that perfectly matches the kalimba's scale playing. The song also contains a rich variety that will allow you to improvise and add many layers to your performance.

Song 5: Coldplay's "Amsterdam

"Amsterdam" is a very popular Coldplay song from 2001 that showcases the flexibility of the kalimba. The song's melody is fairly simple and easy to play on the kalimba, and you'll be able to play a variety of scales on the track.

You now have a good knowledge of the best songs for learning to play the kalimba. So will you give one of these songs a try? Get started with kalimba music and improve your technique today!