The best ways to play the kalimba with recorded accompaniment

The kalimba is a unique musical instrument that is considered one of the easiest percussion instruments to learn. It can also be played with recorded accompaniments to complement the sound and make playing more interesting and satisfying. In this article, we'll look at the best ways to play the kalimba with recorded accompaniments.

Step 1: Finding music tracks

The first step in playing the kalimba with music tracks is to find or create music tracks that suit your playing style. You can target specific songs or styles you want to play and search for suitable tracks. Entire libraries of songs and styles are available on the music market. You can also place custom orders online or with professional musicians for tracks tailored to your needs.

Step 2: Choose the right software

Once you've found the right music tracks, you'll need to load them onto the appropriate software. Audio software is generally easy to learn and use, and offers a wide range of options for mixing kalimba and other musical tracks. In some cases, you may find software specifically designed for kalimba, with specific tools such as tablature readers, mixing tools and engraving tools.

Step 3: Learn to play

When learning to play the kalimba, you'll need to learn to "talk" or improvise. Talking involves selecting notes, harmonies and rhythms suited to your playing style and playing them together to create a coherent end result. With the help of the tablature readers provided by some software packages, you can easily read sheet music and learn to interpret and play songs on the kalimba. Once you've mastered the talker technique, you'll be able to blend kalimba and other musical tracks seamlessly.

Step 4: Record and mix

When you're ready to record and mix your kalimba with the music tracks, you'll need to use appropriate audio equipment. Most software packages have built-in tools for recording your playing and mixing it with the other tracks. Microphones and other audio equipment can also be used to produce the sound you need. Once all the elements have been recorded, you can mix them until you're satisfied with the results.


The kalimba is a musical instrument that can be played in unusual and rewarding ways when mixed with musical tracks. With the right software and a few songs under your belt, you can record and mix your kalimba to create interesting and memorable melodies. As with all other musical instruments, the kalimba will also require years of practice and learning to master the techniques of talker and beater. With time and perseverance, you'll be able to create beautiful recorded melodies and accompaniments with your kalimba.