The best songs for learning to play the kalimba in public

The kalimba is a unique keyboard musical instrument that plays sounds using thumb teeth. The kalimba performs in many different styles of music and is a perfect music option if you're looking for a fun and creative way to learn a new skill. Learning to play the kalimba in public can be intimidating, especially if you're not sure which songs or tunes to choose. Fortunately, choosing the right songs will help comfort you and balance your fear with a wonderful live experience. Here are some of the best songs for learning to play the kalimba in public.

"Last night I dreamt" by The Limba

"Hier soir j'ai rêvé" by The Limba is a calm, soothing song with a very simple, easy-to-remember rhythm. The lyrics follow a pattern for each verse, and the lyrics are simple and easy to remember. The kalimba is used throughout, making this an excellent song for beginners. The music and lyrics blend perfectly, making the song ideal for learning to play in public too.

"Fripp & Eno's "The Journey

Fripp & Eno's "Le voyage" is a sumptuous, colorful song that uses the kalimba to create a calm, serene atmosphere. The song has a simple, slow progression that allows you to pause at your own pace. The connection between the lyrics and the kalimba gives the song an almost spiritual feel. This is an excellent song for beginners, as the low complexity makes for a non-intimidating environment.

"Talk to me" by Bill Cole

Bill Cole's "Talk to Me" is another soothing song that simply uses the kalimba to create a calm, gentle atmosphere. The rhythm of the song is simple and light, and the lyrics are equally simple and accessible. The song is very suitable for beginners, and you'll learn to play the kalimba with more confidence as you master the melody and rhythm.

"Quand reviens tu" by Yann Tiersen

Yann Tiersen's "Quand reviens tu" is a very melodic song that is particularly well suited to the kalimba. The song is very harmonic and the lyrics are simple and melodic. The song is not very complex if you're a beginner, and the more you play, the more the song will come alive and turn into a magical live piece to play.

"Promenade" by Renaud Lefebvre

"Promenade" by Renaud Lefebvre is another calm, soothing song that's ideal for beginners. The rhythm of the song is simple, and there are more complex notes to give the song its unique character. The lyrics are easy to remember and the melodies are very suitable for beginners. "Promenade" will teach you how to play the kalimba, while allowing the audience to enjoy a gentle, captivating melody.

If you're trying to play the kalimba in public for the first time, choose a song that's simple and relaxing. Playing easier songs will make you more comfortable for your performance and help you approach louder. Try these songs to learn how to play the kalimba in public and start creating an amazing, magical musical performance.