The best songs for learning bends and slides at the same time on the kalimba

The kalimba is a unique and wonderful instrument that allows for a wide variety of musical styles. Bends and slides are an integral part of kalimba playing, and there are a number of songs that can help you learn these techniques. We've selected the best of these songs and suggest that you tackle them to progress your playing.

Tortilla Chips by Sun Wolf

This song offers an interesting combination of bends and slides. The melody is simple, but the fades and slides are somewhat complex. The song ends with a high difficulty affair that combines both techniques, giving you the opportunity to really use what you've learned. This is an excellent song for beginners, as it offers a very complete introduction to the techniques.

The Night is Young by Rhain

La Night is Young is a song that combines simple but effective riffs with layers of bends and slides. The song ends with a sequence that offers both slides and bends, and is aimed at more advanced players. Not only does this song allow players to practice both techniques, it also offers a good opportunity to practice them together, which is the key to mastery.

The Ocean by Inigo

Another song that combines both bland and backstage is The Ocean by Inigo. The song has a very sultry and complex melody and offers players an excellent opportunity to practice their skills. The song includes passages that require the practice of two techniques at once, making it an excellent exercise for players looking to develop their skills.

Bubbles and Bees by Fancye

This song is an excellent way to improve your fade skills. In fact, it offers a particularly difficult sequence that requires a lot of practice to master both techniques. The song begins with a very simple introduction that allows you to understand the melody before moving on to more difficult stages. The song is very melodic and pleasant to play, making it easy to learn and integrate into your repertoire.

Moonlight Drop by Qigong

This song includes several sequences that require fades and backstage. The melody is very sentimental and offers an excellent opportunity to work on playing with emotions. The song includes a brief passage that combines both techniques, providing an excellent opportunity for players to perfect their skills. The song's short phrases make it easy to practice and integrate the techniques.

We hope these songs will help you perfect your fade and backstage skills. Practice them regularly so that you can master these techniques and integrate them into your playing. These songs offer opportunities to perfect and develop your musical personality, allowing you to stand out from the crowd. So improve your playing and start practicing to learn bends and slides at the same time!