Different kalimba playing techniques for Arab musicians

The kalimba is a traditional musical instrument that is becoming increasingly popular in the Arab music world. From ancient Arab music to new sounds and styles, the kalimba is often integrated into various Arab musics as a percussion instrument. For Arab musicians who have mastered the instrument, this can be an interesting way of adding a personal and unique touch to compositions. In this article, we'll guide you through the various kalimba playing techniques that can be used to create rich, inspiring melodies.

Playing solo

This technique involves playing the kalimba solo, without accompaniment. It can help musicians express themselves much more easily and experiment with new techniques. Arabic styles are generally based on melancholy melodies, ancestral rhythms and exceptional sounds. Playing the kalimba solo allows you to recreate these sounds and add a personal touch to each of your pieces.

Playing as a duo

Some melodies are so inspiring that they become even more powerful when played by two instruments simultaneously. When you play a duet with another instrument, such as a guitar or oud, you can create complex and interesting melodies. You can also take risks and experiment with new musical approaches that can lead to new creative ideas.

Playing in a group

Many Arab musicians like to work in groups and enjoy the varied styles they bring to the table. A good group can really create interesting and dynamic melodies. In this type of jam session, the kalimba can give an exotic, folkloric touch and add a special note to your music. With the right equipment and the right hands, the kalimba can create quality melodies that can be very captivating.

Playing with recorded tapes

Recording a kalimba line surrounded by a variety of sounds can create beautifully arranged melodies. You can use recorded tapes to add sounds such as percussion, vocals and string instruments. This can give you greater freedom to experiment and create more complex and varied melodies.


The kalimba is a highly melodious instrument that can be played in a variety of ways. Whether played alone or in a group, the kalimba can be used to enrich the melodies of Arab musicians. This instrument is highly versatile and can be used to recreate both ancient and modern melodies, with its rich tones and unique texture. Whether you want to add an exotic touch to a classical composition, create captivating folk melodies or add a personal touch to your music, the kalimba can be your best ally. So get out there and try out some new kalimba playing techniques, and discover the endless possibilities offered by this fantastic instrument!