Discover the partial video tutorial for Kalimba Solo For Lotus.
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A short text by the artist: 

"Kalimba Solo for Lotus" is one of the most viewed kalimba videos to date. Lotus is my daughter's name. When she was just a few months old, I used to play her improvised songs on Kalimba before bedtime. Eventually, I recorded a composition based on these songs and uploaded it to YouTube under the title "Kalimba Solo for Lotus". Three years had passed, the video had attracted around 20,000 hits, then gone viral. 200,000 views were recorded in a single day, and since then they've been growing. Currently, it exceeds 4 million views. Naturally, my inbox is overloaded with messages about the instrument and composition. Below you'll find all the information you need.  
  • Kalimba is a traditional African musical instrument, a type of plucked lamellophone, known as Thumb Piano in the Western world. There are many types and variations of this instrument. 
  • I applied my own tuning to the instrument and replaced its buzzers with softer ones that don't make too much noise.
  • If you would like the tuning chart and a high-quality audio file of this composition, you can receive them for a donation. .
  • Due to numerous requests, I have prepared scores and MIDI scores for the composition. You can donate whatever amount you think is right and I'll send it to you as soon as I see your donation. Here's what the MIDI file looks like, the blue color indicates that the note should be played with the right thumb and the yellow color - with the left.
  • In FL Studio, partitions can be opened in the same channel or in separate channels for each hand".

The Mbira inch piano is a portable inch piano made from mahogany as the raw material. The metal blades are made from high-quality steel. As a result, there's a big improvement in the tactile feel you get when playing this instrument. What's more, Mbira produces a clean, clear and peaceful sound.

This instrument is lightweight and considered a smart size. As a result, you can easily take it to parties and as many trips as possible. This product comes with a learning manual and a songbook. So you can learn to play Kalimba with ease.

As a result, it is durable and provides a longer hold, as well as excellent sound and tactile feel. This amazing thumb piano has metal keys that are fixed in a mahogany box. As a result, it produces an amazing sound from the box, which acts as a resonance chamber. If you want your children to cultivate and learn musical talent, 17 Note Mbira Thumb Piano is the instrument to learn.

It's handcrafted using the finest mahogany for the body and mineral steel bars for the 17 keys. As a result, you're sure to get a clear, tactile sound. The Kalimba height comes with a unique case that helps prevent damage. As a result, you can travel with this Kalimba in maximum comfort.

This Kalimba is best suited for recording and performance. You can use it for your family and all other outdoor occasions. It comes with a professional study and learning guide. This Kalimba will introduce you to the details of the Kalimba's use and routines. It is protected against moisture, scratches and much more.

How to play chords

Use the Saregama lotus kalimba tuto to play accors with delicacy

The thumb piano, which we usually have in our hands, generally has left and right scales. When we need to play a full octave, we have to play the left and right thumbs in turn, which is different from the piano keyboard. But it's very easy to play chords on the thumb.

For example, a C chord consists of three notes: 1, 3 and 5. On the Kalimba, the C, E and G keys are adjacent to each other. Guitar players know that different chords have different fingerings. In the thumb, most of the basic chords are on the same side, making them easier to read.

When playing and singing with the thumb piano, three or more notes can be played simultaneously, just like guitar arpeggios or fast strings. It's also possible to play broken chords at a certain tempo, for example by playing each note in succession, just like guitar chords.

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