A few emblematic pieces to master on the kalimba.

The kalimba is an African musical instrument whose construction dates back to ancient times. This instrument is made up of metal blades fixed between the bottom and top plates, on which rows of magnets are placed. The upper blades can be operated with the fingers to play the music. Nowadays, more and more musicians are discovering the kalimba and enjoying playing this instrument to the best of their ability. Although learning to play the kalimba can be a challenge at first, with the right tutorial and the right pieces of music, you can quickly learn the basics and improve over time. If you're interested in the kalimba and don't know where to start, you've come to the right place! We've selected the best tunes for you to try out when you start playing the kalimba.

1. River Flows In Me - Yiruma

This is probably Yiruma's best-known piano piece, and is indeed one of the best songs for starting to play the kalimba. Thanks to its simple notes and intuitive chord system, it's very easy to learn. You'll see for yourself that some of the hands are quite simple to play, and as you progress and improve, this song will get easier and easier. Although "River Flows In Me" isn't the most complicated piece you can learn to play on the kalimba, it's perfect for familiarizing yourself with the rhythm and tempo of the instrument, and developing your own playing style - which is why it's such a popular piece.

2. Acabou Chorare - Toquinho and Vinicius

This is a well-known traditional Brazilian tune, and with Acabou Chorare, learning to play the kalimba will be child's play. It's very similar to River Flows In Me in that it's very intuitive and easy to learn. However, it has a few extra notes that make it a little more complex and challenging for beginners. It features some very special sounds that blend with the bass pedal to give it a festive, danceable feel. In conclusion, Acabou Chorare is one of the best pieces for learning to play the kalimba and improving, and is a good way to gain more confidence.

3. Happy Easter - Bobby Rodriguez

This piece is considered a classic of kalimba music. If you've already played a few pieces, you shouldn't have too much trouble mastering this tune, as it features a relatively simple set of notes that make it very easy to learn and play. Happy Easter is probably one of the most popular pieces ever, and its kalimba version is very relaxing and vibrant. It's a piece that can be played freely, with enormous emotional range and an atmosphere rich in color and nuance.

4. Meditation - Thad Fishel

This piece is a beautiful melody, very relaxing and meditative. Its melody is very rich in nuances, allowing you to express deep emotions and feel connected to your instrument. This piece is made up of simple notes, but is more difficult to play as it requires a little more practice and technique. Although it may seem intimidating at first, this piece is actually one of the best for learning to control the sound and becoming familiar with the sound of the kalimba. Once you've familiarized yourself with the chords and scales, you can explore this piece in more detail and start varying the sounds and melodies.

5. Starman - David Bowie

It wouldn't be a complete list of the best pieces of kalimba music without David Bowie's Starman! This piece is perfect for beginners, as it's very easy to learn to play and master. What's more, it's great fun to play and can be played in many different ways.