What are the best online books and resources for learning to play the kalimba?

You may be wondering where to find the best online books and resources for learning to play the kalimba? With new musical instruments, learning to play them can be difficult. Fortunately, there are resources and easy, practical ways to learn to play the kalimba. In this article, we'll discuss the various online resources, books and video tutorials that can help you become an accomplished kalimba musician!

Books on the kalimba

There are a number of books that can be very useful when learning to play the kalimba. Some will teach you the basics, such as melody, lining and song structure, as well as accompaniment techniques. Others focus on how to play many different styles of music, such as classical and popular. Many of these books are available in digital form, which means you can download them instantly and start reading and learning.

Online resources

In addition to books, there are many online kalimba resources. Community forums can be a great asset for learning the kalimba, as you can get in touch with people who are in the same situation as you and exchange tips and advice. What's more, there are online tutorials and courses that can guide you step by step on how to play the kalimba. Finally, there are websites that offer pre-recorded sounds and diagrams that can be useful for learning new styles and techniques.

Tutorial videos

Although books and online resources are very useful, the best way to learn to play the kalimba is often to have a teacher or video tutorial. Tutorial videos come in very handy for learning to play the kalimba, as they allow beginners to see a kalimba master play and explain what he or she is doing and how. What's more, they can help you put into practice everything you've learned from books and online resources. There are a variety of tutorial videos available for learning to play the kalimba, including simple tutorials, more specific tutorials and longer-term tutorials.


In summary, the kalimba can be a difficult instrument to learn, but with the right resources and regular practice, you'll become an accomplished kalimba musician. Books, online resources and tutorial videos can all help you learn and practice more effectively. Just remember that practice and patience are key! So it's up to you to play (again and again).