Well-known artists and bands who use the kalimba in their music

The kalimba has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in music. This string percussion instrument originated on the African continent and is appreciated for its soft, melodious melodies. Many well-known groups and artists now call on the kalimba to enrich their songs with a unique and interesting sound.

Tracy Chapman

Tracy Chapman is an American folk singer who released her eponymous debut album in 1988. Her first single was the smash hit "Fast Car". To record her album, Chapman used several unusual instruments, including a kalimba. This instrument is an integral part of certain songs, giving them a unique sound and intimate atmosphere. The kalimba can be heard, for example, in his song "Baby Can I Hold You".

Peter Gabriel

Former Genesis leader and founder Peter Gabriel is a British artist renowned for experimenting with music. He was one of the first to use the kalimba to enrich his songs. The kalimba is often used in his solo albums, such as "Real World". Songs such as "Sledgehammer" and "Red Rain" feature the distinctive sound of the kalimba.

The Wallflowers

The Wallflowers, the American rock band, made particular use of the kalimba on their 1996 album "Bringing Down the Horse". Founded by singer-songwriter Jakob Dylan, the group enjoyed huge success across the USA, particularly on their lead song "One Headlight". The kalimba is heard mainly in the songs "The Difference" and "Josephine", continuing their rock-pop style.

The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys, the American rock 'n' roll band, also made use of the kalimba. The first time their musician, Brian Wilson, used this instrument was in their songs "Good Vibrations" and "California Girls", released in 1966. The band went on to record another single, "Kiss Me, Baby", where the kalimba is particularly audible.

Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens, a British artist known for folk songs such as "Trouble/Soften The Roar", "Miles From Nowhere" and "Wild World", used the kalimba to enrich his music with a unique, traditionally African sound. The 1970 song "On the Road to Find Out" contains several kalimba-specific passages, as do other songs on the albums "Mona Bone Jakon" and "Tea for the Tillerman".

The Red Hot Chili Peppers Brothers

The Red Hot Chili Peppers Brothers, the American pop group, have also used the kalimba to enrich their songs. The kalimba is featured in their songs "If You Have to Ask" and "Dreams Of A Samurai", released on their 1991 album "Blood Sugar Sex Magik". Later, the kalimba sound is also featured in their songs "Soul To Squeeze" and "Havana Affair".

It's safe to say that the Kalimba is a popular instrument with well-known artists and bands. Its authentic, melodious music adds a special, exotic touch to their songs. Some artists and groups, such as Peter Gabriel, Tracy Chapman, The Wallflowers and the Red Hot Chili Peppers Brothers, use the kalimbar to broaden their musical styles and provide even more creativity and inspiration.