Which kalimba for fingerstyle?

kalimba ten-key musical instrument

Kalimbas are polyphonic brussels wind instruments with ten keys that can be played with the thumb, middle finger and little finger of each hand. This makes them extremely versatile, enabling players to produce a wide variety of interesting sounds. But which kalimba should you choose if you want to play fingerstyle?

There are several factors to consider when playing fingerstyle with a kalimba. The two most important are shape and possible tones. The different kalimba models come in a variety of shapes that allow different tones to be played, and the characteristics of each vary according to manufacturer and model.

At TheKalimbaWe offer a wide range of quality kalimbas to help players find the right model for their needs and budgets. Here are some of the features you should consider when choosing a kalimba for fingerstyle:


The shape of the kalimba is very important, as it determines the notes that can be played. Many players choose models that are shaped like a piano and can produce full octaves. Others prefer smaller models that have a wider range of different notes. It's important to find a kalimba that allows you to produce the music you want to play.


Kalimba instruments are built around a metal frame that holds the sheaths (or bars) to produce their sounds. The sheaths are one of the most important aspects of any kalimba, as they determine the instrument's tonality. By choosing the right type of sheaths, you can obtain a richer or less rich sound, higher or lower pitched or deeper, depending on your preference.

Key size

The size of the keys on your kalimba is another important factor. The larger the keys, the easier it is to use them for fingerstyle playing. For this reason, many players like models with large keys, which enable them to produce clearer, crisper sounds.

One last thing to note

Finally, it's important to note that the kalimba is not the only type of ten-key polyphonic wind instrument that allows fingerstyle. Other well-known instruments, such as the mbira, offer interesting possibilities for producing unique music.

Action tips :

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