How do you find the right kalimba to produce electronic sounds?

If you're looking for your ideal kalimba for producing electronic sounds, you've come to the right place! The kalimba is a wonderful instrument, distinguished by its ability to produce a variety of sounds, including mesmerizing electronic ones.

What is a kalimba and what is it used for?

The kalimba is a musical instrument with blades, played by placing the blades on the fingers and rubbing, pinching, scraping or tapping. The kalimba is made up of a set of metal or wooden blades and a resonance box in the shape of a music box, which amplify and reinforce the vibrations of each blade. Created in the 1960s, the kalimba originated in East Africa and is played in many musical styles, from pop and classical to jazz and African folk music.

Choosing the right kalimba to create electronic sounds:

The choice of a specific kalimba for producing electronic sounds depends on your style of sound and the type of kalimba you prefer. Kalimbas are generally available in sizes ranging from small to large, offering a variety of possibilities for sound design. Kalimbas can be found with metal, wooden or even ceramic blades and offer a variety of sounds.

Some examples of kalimbas adapted to produce electronic sounds:

  • Kalimbas with metal blades: a good option for those seeking metallic, high-pitched sounds.
  • Kalimbas with wooden blades: a good option for those seeking a softer, deeper sound.
  • Kalimbas with ceramic blades: a good option for those seeking clear, crystalline tones.

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How to produce electronic sounds from a kalimba?

Once you've found the ideal kalimba for producing electronic sounds, here are a few tips to make your job easier:

  • Use accessories to add extra effects to your sounds, such as a pick-up to amplify the signal and an effects pedal to add echo, delay, distortion and more.
  • Use mixing software to adjust levels and create your own personal mix.
  • Use synthesizer software to edit your sounds and create new ones.
  • Have fun experimenting and creating unique, original pieces!

Of course, these tips are just a glimpse of the possibilities open to musicians who use kalimbas in their compositions. You can experiment with all kinds of sounds and create your own unique style using this magical instrument!


Now you know how to choose the ideal kalimba for producing electronic sounds. You also know how to add extra effects to your mouthpieces, and how to edit and mix your sounds. And most important of all: you know how to have fun with your kalimba and compose wonderful musical pieces. Don't forget to find your instrument at 😊 to start producing great electronic sounds!