Which kalimbas are most popular with professional musicians? 🎸

Mention kalimba and musicians' eyes light up. Opinions are divided on which kalimbas are preferred by professional musicians - but what really is the case? 🤔 Find out what the pros are currently doing to choose their instrument!

First of all, what is a kalimba? A kalimba is a musical instrument of African origin made of metal, wood or plastic plates. The notes played depend on the size, material and shape of the plates. Kalimbas are generally quite small and inexpensive, making them easy to transport and maintain.

Professional musicians generally look for kalimbas that offer a wide variety of sounds. They appreciate instruments that produce clear, powerful sounds and are robust and durable. In addition, more experienced musicians will appreciate kalimbas with multiple keys, as this gives them the opportunity to explore and play different melodies. 🤹‍♂️

Among the most popular kalimbas for professional musicians is the Martin Kalimba. This type of kalimba offers a clear, precise sound and is very robust. It's built to last and is ideal for concert halls or outdoor festivals. 🎶

Another professional favorite is the Kalimba Rippin. It offers a variety of sounds from its 18 metal plates, enabling musicians to play complex melodies. The Kalimba Rippin is easy to transport and ideal for recording sessions and jam sessions. 🥁

Finally, the Hutchins Kalimba is another version much appreciated by artists. It features a sturdy mahogany body and offers incomparable richness of sound. 🎶 Artists can easily use it to create complex melodies and dynamic improvisations.

Professional musicians need kalimbas that produce clear, powerful sounds and are robust and durable. With a variety of kalimbas on the market, you can find the instrument that best suits your style of music. At The Kalimba, we have a wide range of kalimbas for all levels, so find out more, choose the right one and get ready to hit the stage! 🎙️