Which kalimba for the stage?

Kalimbas are frequently used for background music or in meditation and relaxation contexts, but many musicians like to use them as their main instrument. How do you choose the best kalimba for a live performance? We're here to help you find the answer! 🧐

What should we look for?

The style and type of kalimba you choose can affect the impact you want to create even more than the sound. When playing live, choose from a showcase of different instruments and styles for a look that transcends the music itself! Easy-to-carry kalimbas are often the best for the stage, as they're portable and can be transported more easily, so let's take a look at what thekalimba.com has to offer in this area.

Visit Baijia 10 Tine

Visit Baijia 10 Tine is a very popular traditional kalimba with an intimate, moving sound. It's also lightweight and portable, so you can carry it safely and securely wherever you go. Its clean, classic look blends well with almost any musical style and can be incorporated into your staging in an interesting way. 🤩

Visit Mbira 12 Tine

Visit Mbira 12 Tine has a very interesting look. It looks like a large mbira and is produced in a variety of colors, making it easy to integrate into a lighting scheme or background. Like the BaijiaThe kalimba is easy to transport, making it ideal for travelling musicians. What's more, its extended length produces a richer, deeper range of sound than the original. Baijia. 😎

Visit Q Gong 8 Tine

Visit Q Gong 8 Tine is a traditional instrument with a very rich and elaborate tone. It's designed to be played with a hammer, offering a unique tonal range that's hard to resist. What's more, it's easy to transport and easy to integrate into your staging. 🤔

Banjo Kalimba hoodoo

The Hoodoo Banjo Kalimba is a unique American kalimba that combines the sound of the banjo with the metallic sound of the kalimba. It comes with a variety of sounds and tones that can add punch and intricacy to your performances. What's more, it's suitable for beginners and professionals alike, and is portable enough to carry wherever you go. 🧐

Whatever style and type of kalimba you choose, it's crucial that you feel comfortable with the instrument and work hard to master the technique. Practicing in detail and preparing a creative plan for the show will help give you the confidence and preparation you need to surprise and amaze your fans! 🤩