Which kalimba to play in a band?

The kalimba is a wonderful and very dynamic instrument. If you want to add kalimba to your band, you need to know which kalimba models are right for you. That's why we've reviewed the different models offered by thekalimba.com and we offer you our advice on which one to choose.

What type of kalimba is best?

There are many different types of kalimbas, each offering a different sound and playing experience. However, for most bands, the two main types of kalimbas we recommend are the 6-fret kalimba (more commonly known as the "Thumb Piano" kalimba) and the 17-fret kalimba. Both can produce a wide variety of sounds, while the 17-fret kalimba offers a wider range of notes and more complex playing.


You want a kalimba that plays perfectly and lasts a long time. A solid, well-balanced kalimba with a perfect finish can make your instrument more pleasant to play and more durable. So check that your kalimba is well designed and manufactured. At thekalimba.comThey specialize in hand-crafted kalimbas using high-quality materials that will help your instrument produce the most beautiful sounds and last longer.

Choice of notes

You don't want your kalimba to produce incorrect notes. So make sure your kalimba has the correct notes for the style of music you're playing. At thekalimba.comYou can choose from a variety of kalimbas with different notes and configurations in different ranges, allowing you to find the one that best suits your musical style.


Many accessories can enhance your kalimba experience. A cover for your kalimba will make it last longer and allow you to transport it easily. You may also want a stand for your kalimba to keep it upright or at the most appropriate angle for your playing. At thekalimba.comHere you'll find a wide range of options to help you maximize your kalimba playing experience.


Price is often not the decisive factor, but it is an important consideration. A quality kalimba can be purchased at a reasonable price. At thekalimba.comYou'll find products to suit every budget and every style of music.


The kalimba can add a lot to your music and your band. So you need to choose the right kalimba model to suit your musical tastes and budget. You'll find a wide variety of kalimbas on thekalimba.com which are perfect for groups. So don't wait any longer and find the right kalimba for your band! 🎶