Which kalimba for sophrology sessions?

If you're looking for an introduction to meditation and relaxation therapy, the kalimba may be just the thing to bring you the benefits. In addition to its therapeutic virtues, the kalimba is easy to play, easy to handle and inexpensive. On TheKalimba.com, you'll find many references to suit your needs.

What is a kalimba?

The kalimba is a small, stickless xylophone with a melodious, poetic sound. It's made up of 2 wooden plates and steel-tocks, a series of diagonally arranged metal rods hooked onto the bottom plate, which are used to play the notes.

Meditation and relaxation: why and how does the kalimba help?

Using it as an accessory therapy tool can help facilitate relaxation and meditation work, heightening awareness and creating a sense of serenity. Similarly, the melody produced by the kalimba often accompanies breathing, gradually leading to deeper states of being.
The kalimba can also enhance concentration and meditation while developing creativity.

Which kalimba to choose for sophrology sessions? 🤔

The kalimba is a small, versatile instrument that can be used in a wide variety of contexts. In a sophrology session, we recommend the Kalimba Thumb Grand offered by TheKalimba.com. This kalimba comes in 17 cases and features over 12 different modes: a real gem for your relaxation session 😌!

Some exercises 🧘 with the kalimba for your sophrology session 🤗

Here are a few exercises that can help you relax and find your meditative state while playing the kalimba.

  • Start by playing a simple melody with the kalimba, trying to concentrate on movement and sound.
  • Inhale and exhale deeply to the rhythm of the melody, and exhale for longer than when you inhale.
  • Once you've found your rhythm, you can let go and let your musical instincts guide you.
  • Finally, try to let the music flow through your body and heart.


Now you have a better idea about the kalimba and its therapeutic potential for your relaxation and meditation sessions. Don't waste another minute and find your kalimba on TheKalimba.com 💪 !

We hope these tips and information will help you achieve the perfect state of meditation and relaxation more quickly 😌 !