Which kalimba to use to create your own compositions? 🎵

Are you passionate about music and want to write and play your own compositions? If so, then the kalimba is for you! This musical instrument invented in Africa is perfect for writing music. But there are many variations of kalimbas. So which kalimba offers the best performance/price ratio to help you write your own music?

TheKalimba 17 Keys in Stainless Steel (TK-17)

The Kalimba 17 Keys in Stainless Steel from TheKalimba (TK-17) is the perfect choice for beginners and experienced musicians alike. It is designed with stainless steel tremolo, stand and protection, and oak blades. This instrument has a number of advantages to offer:

  • It has 17 keys with numerical and lettered notations to help them learn to play easily.
  • It features rich and deep so you can enjoy the folk sounds to the full.
  • It comes with useful accessories to learn to play.
  • It is easy to use and transport.

The TK-17 is equipped with a integrated amplifier and can be connected to a mobile device or amplifier for powerful sound. And with its robust design, this kalimba is built to last.

TheKalimba 10 Keys in Bamboo Wood (TK-10)

TheKalimba 10 Keys Bamboo Wood Kalimba (TK-10) is designed for beginners and musical composition. Its elegant, ergonomic design will ensure precise playing and optimum sound quality. It features :

  • From 10 small-size keys for precise enjoying and easy transport.
  • Clear sound and naturalthanks to its bamboo body.
  • Integrated shock absorber for greater play comfortable.

The TK-10 is supplied with a digital tuner to help you tune notes precisely. And this affordable kalimba can be connected to a mobile device or amplifier for even more powerful sound.


The TK-17 and TK-10 from TheKalimba are both perfect for helping you write your own music. The TK-17 is more expensive, but it's more robust and offers more control and sonic fidelity. The TK-10 is more affordable, if your budget is limited. But whatever your choice, these kalimbas both have excellent sound quality that will take you to a new musical level. 🎶