What are children's favourite kalimbas?

Kalimbas are very popular musical instruments with children, because they're easy to learn and offer many creative possibilities. The question is: what are children's favorite kalimbas?

The benefits of kalimbas for children

Kalimbas are a great way for children to explore music and develop their creativity. They're also relatively inexpensive and can be easily found in many stores or online stores, making them an excellent choice for families on a budget. Kalimba lessons are also available for children of all ages, as are books for learning pop and classical songs and advanced playing techniques.

Children's favorite kalimbas

The 17-note Kalimba C is a very popular kalimba with young musicians. It's a good kalimba for beginners because it's relatively simple to play and offers a wide range of notes, enabling children to play a variety of songs.
Dolphin-shaped kalimbas are also popular with children. These instruments can be found in a variety of sizes and notes, making them ideal for young musicians looking for a fun instrument that's easy to play.

Many children also love heart-shaped kalimbas. These kalimbas are available in a variety of colors, allowing children to have fun and explore different notes and sounds.

Finally, many children prefer the metal kalimba - which is a kalimba with an aluminum coating - as it produces a richer, deeper sound. This type of kalimba can be found in many different brands and sizes.

Things to remember

Children love to play the kalimba, and there are many varieties to choose from. 17-note kalimbas and dolphin-shaped kalimbas are the most popular with young musicians, while heart-shaped kalimbas are great fun to play and offer many creative possibilities. Metal kalimbas are also very popular, as they produce deep, rich tones. For those looking for more in-depth ways to learn different playing techniques, kalimba lessons are available in many music schools and stores.

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