Which Kalimba should you choose to play classical music?

If you're looking for an instrument suited to classical music, then the kalimba could be an interesting option.

Also known as a cordless accordion, the kalimba is a keyed instrument of African origin that allows beginners and more experienced players alike to familiarize themselves with the instrument and produce intimate, deep and expressive melodies.

Today, kalimbas are widespread, and can be found in a wide variety of styles, from medieval welded metal to more modern varnished versions.

The Shields Kalimba: for playing the classics

One of the most popular kalimbas available on TheKalimba.com is the Shields Kalimba. It's a varnished version offering a wide range of sounds that integrate perfectly with classical music.

The kalimba is essentially made of metal plates attached to a central rod, but wood or plastic are also commonly used. Its appearance and volume are adapted to the classical melody, as it is designed to produce distinct sounds and exceptional playability.

This kalimba is much appreciated for its looks and sound quality. Fingers move easily over its metal or wooden plates, and the sounds it produces are perfect for creating complex, subtle and expressive harmonies.

Tips for getting the best sound

The kalimba is an instrument that lends itself to classical music, but it still requires a little practice to get the best sound. Here are a few tips to help you get the best possible sound:

  • Practice with patience: Classical music demands meticulous precision, so practice by taking the time to master each movement and note. For example, try playing the notes slowly, one at a time, and work your way up to being able to connect the notes faster. 🤔
  • Find the right set of hands: To achieve a harmonious sound, you need to find the right set of hands to best use the kalimba. Try different sets of hands that suit your piece of music and are comfortable for you. It will take time, but after a few tries, the set of hands that works best will become clearer. 🤹
  • Use a good amplifier: If you're used to playing in front of an audience, then a good kalimba amplifier is absolutely essential. There are a wide variety of amplifiers available, so take the time to find the amp that suits your style and budget🔊.


The kalimba is a highly versatile keyed instrument that can be used for a wide variety of musical genres, including classical music. If you want to start playing classical music on your kalimba very quickly, then the Shields Kalimba is the answer to your question. 🤗

Thanks to its exceptional playability and sound quality, the Shields Kalimba is the perfect instrument for beginners and more experienced players alike. Find yours and start playing! 🎶