Discover the Uniqueness of Finger Kalimbas!

a finger kalimba on a purple velvet background next to a vase of flowersFinger kalimbas are the ultimate jewel for all wind instrument lovers! Who hasn't dreamed of playing music with their fingers? Well, finger kalimbas can help you finally discover your eight magic moles.

These instruments, which originated in sub-Saharan Africa, are made up of long metal valves lined up on a huge mahogany board. All these valves are connected to a resonance box by strings stretched over a small bridge. The kalimbas to fingers are also sometimes designed with glass boards to give them an even more magical touch.

When you play a finger kalimba, you press your fingers on the clappers to produce sounds. The sounds can be as low or as high as you like, and can produce an infinite variety of melodies and rhythms. Finger kalimbas are one of the most powerful and organized of instruments, thanks to their wide variety of strings and unique arrangements.

Finger kalimbas are perfect for unplugging, relaxing, learning songs and having fun. This instrument will probably be part of your musical routine for a long time to come!

At, we've got a great selection of finger kalimbas in all shapes and sizes. Models range from tiny ones like the Percussion Plus Jr (for the youngest musicians) to big, awesome ones like the Puka Puka (for experienced musicians).

Each instrument is crafted with sturdy, durable materials, so you can play it for years without any problems. We're also proud to have a team of well-trained experts to help you find the right kalimba for you!

At, we believe that every kalimba is unique, and deserves to be heard. Sounds that are intoxicating and airy, melodies that will fill your heart, and rhythms that will boost your spirits. That's why we do our utmost to ensure that every finger kalimba can be expressed.

If you're looking for a way to get in the mood and take your music to the next level, finger kalimbas are the best choice. We believe that every instrument has a story and a harmony system, and we can't wait to help you find yours!